The people-powered ticket system saves you time and money / by Jesper Vestergaard

We all strive to create the perfect event. We want people to interact, get inspired and, ultimately, come back to the next event! Our mission: Make it easy to gather your crowd. It all begins with our social approach to tickets.

Check out how you can use this awesome feature to make your event truly amazing.


It’s about the people, not just tickets

With Conferize, tickets become more than just a transaction. They're an opportunity to meet cool people. Every attendee has a social profile for networking and knowledge sharing that comes with each ticket. This way attendees are sure to meet the right people and get inspired from your event.

Also, you can see who’s actually coming to your event, rather than just a list of names and email addresses. You can even see who’s considering attending.


Here are a few highlights:


  • Multiple tickets available
    Yes, you can create different kinds of tickets for the same event, providing more flexibility to your event.
  • Waiting list & ticket cancellation
    Event attendees can easily cancel tickets and a new one is generated for those who are on the waiting list.
  • Payment service integrated and 0% commission
    Conferize Registration offers quick payouts via Paypal or Stripe. You’re paid right away. Unlike other services, we believe that you’ve earned every dollar.

Pioneering event organizers, such as Social Media Week Copenhagen, are already growing communities with our ticket system.

"Conferize is perfect for us and their ticket registration is social, just like us: People can network and share knowledge across our 60 events. And it's a breeze to set up!" 

Nicolai Mariegaard, Social Media Week Copenhagen


Here’s how to activate your ticket registration

1. Log in to Conferize.

2. (a) If you haven’t created your event: Click Add Event, fill in your event details and select “Conferize Registration” during the event creation process.

2. (b) If you have already created your event: Go to Manage Existing Event page and select the Event to manage. On the Event dashboard page, click “Registration” on the left column and then click “Registration Provider”. Simply select “Conferize Registration” as a Registration Provider.

3. Once Conferize registration is activated, click “Registration”. Select “Tickets” to start creating your event tickets.

4. Choose the ticket type, fill up your ticket details, connect your payment service (if necessary) and you’re all set!


Want to know more about it?

We’ve gathered all the information about ticket registration on our dedicated support page here

Here’s to creating awesome events together with great people!

The Conferize Team