Conferize Ticket Registration just got even better! / by Jesper Vestergaard

Wow! Since introducing Conferize Registration a few months ago, we’ve helped events all over the globe sell thousands of tickets.  Based on the initial feedback, we’ve polished, tweaked and added a few upgrades. Among these are new options for allowing attendees to have multiple tickets for the same event, and a much improved waiting list functionality.


Multiple tickets pr. event. pr. user

For some events it’s convenient that attendees can have more than one ticket. One use case is events spanning multiple days where the organizer wants to offer e.g. a three day ticket, and separate tickets for day 1, day 2 and day 3. Other uses could be add-on tickets, such as dinner or party tickets. Or how about the optional sightseeing trip for attendees from abroad!

With Conferize Registration we now cater for this with improved flexibility.

We still maintain the principle of each attendee needing to have a user profile for the event. This allows organizers to keep a precise overview over who’s coming, and it ensures the perfect foundation for networking and knowledge sharing before, during and after the event.

With this upgrade we’ve also improved the options for attendees to manage their tickets. Excess tickets can easily be forwarded to others and, if the organizer allows, attendees can cancel their tickets.


Cancelling tickets

For organizers of free events, no-shows are a common problem. It requires hardly any effort to register for the event, so people would rather just register, and then consider at a later time if they actually want to go or not. This creates a group of no-shows – sometimes it can be even the lion’s share of everyone who registered. This can be a huge frustration for other people who did not get a ticket. And a huge frustration for organizers who wants to fill a room, and have as many people attend as possible.

Social Media Week that took place across Copenhagen recently was fully powered by Conferize. They have a special way of handling this by adding a ‘no-show fee’ to the process of registration. All events during the week was free to attend, and they simply asked people who registered to cancel their tickets if they were not coming. If the ticket was not cancelled and the attendee did not show up, a ‘no-show fee’ charge was issued manually after the event. This helped a lot in terms of ensuring attendance, freeing up place for people on the waiting lists and making sure full capacity was reached.


Improved waiting lists

If people decide to cancel their tickets last minute, what actually happens? How are these tickets most effectively distributed to other people who wanted to go, but didn’t get a ticket?

This is where the waiting list comes in. The lists works at a ‘first come, first serve’ principle. The minute someone cancels a ticket (or if the organizer adds more available tickets), the first person who signed up for the waiting list gets an email with a link to a reserved ticket. The organizer can now set an exact reservation time for a ticket before it expires and the reservation is passed on to the next on the waiting list.

Together with the option of setting the reservation time this allows the organizer to fully control what happens in the critical days and hours up till the event starts and to optimise for reaching full capacity of the event.

Also, we’ve added the option for organizers to remove someone from the waiting list.


And there’s more…

– Improved invoicing and tax handling for events in the EU with the option of applying the principle of ‘reverse tax’.
– Easy export of ticket holder user data.

All features and upgrades are enabled for both existing and new events. Conferize registration is free to use, also for paid tickets, with no commission on ticket sales, and no start up or subscriptions fees. Try it now.