Conferize aims to revive tired global event industry / by Jesper Vestergaard

In order to achieve global investment, Conferize joins its main investors, Lars Kolind and Allan Søgaard Larsen, in listing on Nasdaq First North Copenhagen.

The event industry has not kept up with the digital development. Too many events are still completed in a traditional and analogue manner with limited participant interaction. The modern person’s need for social communication, knowledge sharing, and networking remains unmet. This wastes not only time and money for the participants, but also human relations, knowledge, and potentially important initiatives.

Conferize is a ground-breaking social platform which focuses on creating more meaningful meetings and communities. The Conferize platform gives participants, organizers, and speakers a common digital space, where they can network, co-create content, and share information before, during, and after the actual event. This leads to a far greater possibility of creating dynamic communities and rewarding inter-personal physical meetings in a digital age.

Through Conferize, organizers, participants, and speakers can exchange knowledge and viewpoints before, during, and after an event, ask each other questions, co-create content, and share expectations, reactions, presentations, ideas, and inspiration in strong, viable event communities. 

A few years ago, a pilot-version of this platform was made available worldwide for event organizers, participants, and speakers. In that short time span, more than 2,800 organizers from more than 120 countries have created more than 6,700 events, and each month 300-500 events are added, despite the absence of any significant marketing efforts.

Conferize Founder and CEO, Martin Ferro-Thomsen sees this development as an indicator that the event market, which is a multi-billion industry is ready for a new generation of digital tools. Martin Ferro-Thomsen explains:

“Our thousands of users – and the vast positive feedback received from both them and their participants – are a testimony to the fact that we really have something here. Simply put, people would rather participate in an event, where they have the opportunity to contribute actively, and profit more in the investment of their time and money. As soon as people experience a new way of going to events, they are no longer going to settle for the traditional events and conferences. They will, instead, have brand new demands for the industry, potentially creating entirely new and unknown needs.”

Conferize aims to reach a key position within the global event market, by constantly attracting more organizers and thereby more participants and speakers. This critical user mass will, in time, allow Conferize to build a global network of users, event communities, and knowledge – a network for world-wide event makers to navigate and participate in, sharing a common ambition to create more meaningful meetings.


Key players’ opinions on Conferize:


Globally Successful Serial-Entrepreneurs

The team behind Conferize is comprised of visionary developers, programmers and designers, all with impressive track records and substantial experience in tech, design and community building.

Martin Ferro-Thomsen and Conferize Chief Designer, Ruben Bjerg Hansen are amongst others, co-founders of the publishing platform, Issuu, which individual user number exceeds 100M a month.

Moreover, the former President and CEO, turned co-owner of Falck, Allan Søgaard Larsen, stepped in as Conferize Chairman of the Board in March 2017, as he and former CEO of Oticon, Lars Kolind were part of the driving force behind securing the entrepreneurship a capital of DKK16,2 million.

About the Conferize team, Allan Søgaard Larsen highlights:

“There is no doubt that the Conferize team has the drive and experience it takes to accelerate the growth. Martin Ferro-Thomsen and Ruben Bjerg Hansen were both driving forces behind Issuu, the essence of which was a simple, user-friendly technology, with the potential to make publishing common property. In much the same way, a large part of the Conferize success consists of building a simple, scalable event system that anyone – regardless of age and ability – can use to create events, join meaningful communities and thus ensuring superior events.”


Hear how customers experience Conferize:



Petrol needed for global venture

The purpose of this Offer is to strengthen the capital of the tech-company – primarily with regards to expanding the investments of the continued development and the global marketing and sale of the Conferize digital sales system, a so-called Event Management System (EMS). A data-driven business model is used – the core product is offered in a free version to attract users and thereby data in large quantities, aiming to gain a position in the market as a central key player.

Investor and Conferize Chairman of the Board, Allan Søgaard Larsen explains that the Offer proceeds are necessary in order to fulfil the company’s ambitious growth and internationalization strategy:

“Our clear ambition is a rapidly expanding global network, and that is why it is crucial that we, not only manage to make our system even simpler and more user-friendly, but also make a significant effort towards global event organizer and participant marketing. If we want to take our ambitions of becoming game changers in the industry seriously, a global, knowledgeable and critical user mass is absolutely essential.”

The Chairman of the Board also stressed that the board, as well as the Conferize team, headed by Martin Ferro-Thomsen, expect that a listing for trade on Nasdaq First North Copenhagen will generate positive exposure to many of the company’s future collaborators, customers and users.

Based on the capital raised, Founder and CEO, Martin Ferro-Thomsen, is looking forward to turning Conferize into a dominant key player in the global event market, while at the same time emphasizing the risks of a Conferize investment:

“Conferize addresses the global market with an innovative solution and an aggressive data-driven business model. In this growth phase, we are focusing on building a large international user network, the sheer volume of which will make I a central value creating factor. The Conferize concept is full of potential – and our team are the ones to fulfil it – but of course, it does also involve a considerable risk. Conferize is not the right investment choice if a stable investment yielding predictable interests is desired. However, if you can see the potential of disrupting the market and bringing the international event industry into the social, digital age, then the Conferize evolution is a very exciting journey to partake in.”




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