Conferize strengthens partnership with TEDx / by Jesper Vestergaard

Conferize became a partner for this year’s TEDFest conference, which took place in Brooklyn, New York last week, further strengthening their relationship with the global TEDx program.

TEDx is a global community of organisers and speakers that every year host a large number of influential conferences and events. Speeches at these events are often recorded and have gained more than one billion views on TED’s website.

“Conferize is a long-time partner for TEDx, a partnership that enables TEDx organisers worldwide to promote their event and build their community on Conferize. That’s why we are very proud to be invited to TEDFest”

Martin Ferro-Thomsen, CEO of Conferize

The last four years of collaboration with TEDx have resulted in more than a hundred events worldwide using Conferize´s platform.

“In our opinion, TED is one of the world’s strongest brands within the event sector. TED’s vision is to spread knowledge and ideas by opening up their events to the whole world, which we 100% support and relate to. It is important for us to be a part of that mission,” says Martin. “In fact, what we have developed is a unique platform for event organisers that will change events from passive and closed to open social events and vibrant communities.”

Martin was in New York next week to meet TEDx organisers from all over the world over the four days of TEDFest.


The Conferize Team