Conferize is an online platform that opens up professional events to the world. We’re connecting events, people and thought leaders from any industry. We’re helping event organizers build communities to increase quality and attendance of their events. You’re invited.

As the world gets more complex, connected and globalized we must meet and interact with each other to adaptConferences and professional events are the perfect place for that.

Yet, most professional events reach only a fraction of their potential audience; the industry is simply too fragmented and "offline", leaving events inside a "black box" for the invited few. 

We're opening up professional events to the world.

Conferize is revitalizing events for the digital age. We make it easy for professional events to go online and build engaging communities to reach bigger audiences.  

In the fall of 2011, Conferize saw first light at the world’s most established technology conference, DEMO in Santa Clara. We came out of stealth in the beautiful spring of 2012. Since 2013, we’ve been a full blown beta.

Today we're hosting more than 14,000 events, 4 million people and 20 million content items from professional events worldwide.

Stuff we're proud about.

Stuff we're proud about.

Media who covered us.

Media who covered us.

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"“A great app for conference attendees”
Forbes. Mentioned above LinkedIn and Twitter.

"Conferize is honestly a lot more valuable than 99% of conference websites"
Greg Anderson, ArcticStartup

"This platform really has the potential to disrupt the conference industry"
Julius Solaris, EventManagerBlog

"It’s superb! A lot, lot, lot better than Google"
Phil Butler, Everything PR

"Slick." "Comprehensive."
Mike Butcher, TechCrunch